Monday, February 27, 2012

Backyard Woodworking: Response to War?

Rustic woodworking has always been marginal. That's good. It's always been something anybody can do... and for a wide variety of reasons. Rustic work in America has peaked after every war. There was the urge to do things a different, simpler way. Few tools,working alone, contact with nature. --Low Tech-High Touch--We are now in Year 12 of our Longest War. Good time to drag the Rustic back out and see what it can do?? I'm re-positioning my "Rustic" workshops as "Backyard Woodworking" to see what happens. Here in the Northeast, we are brimming with the downed trees, limbs, brush from the freak snowstorm in October. Material is NOT a problem. Tools are ordinary. So what can we make? Almost anything! Stools, Tables, Outdoor work. Got access to Driftwood? Start Building! Do you think this is a side or starter business?? It may be!

Bigger work, you say??

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